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Dec 3, 2017
Hello everyone,

Today I decided to make a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) thread because a lot of the players that enjoy their times on this server have a lot of question that repeat themselves.
These questions will be updates for all of you once more questions will pop up. If you have any suggestions on this thread please message me on Discord, Forums or In-Game but don't post it on this thread.

How do I get fly?
The fly feature is a feature that allows you to fly on your island or on other islands.
There are 2 ways of achieving them, first of all you can buy the "Island Fly" package on our store. (
The second method is when you bought Golem rank or higher you'll get free fly with it. This is for your island and others only.

What languages can we speak in chat?
The players are able to choose what language they speak in all chats related to our community. No matter what country, religion you're from you're able to speak the way you'd like.
Even though you aren't able to type special characters from different languages it'll be harder to create sentences with accents, etc.
There is still a rule that if you bring out racist, inappropriate or harmful content you'll still be punished no matter what language.

When is the dropparty from the store?
When you visit our store ( you will see a little process bar that has a certain percentage.
If someone purchases an item from our store that bar will raise by the amount you've payed.
A dropparty will be announced in our discord server whenever the bar hits 100%.

How many alts may I bring on?
Currently there is no limit of how many alts you're able to bring on before getting a punishment.
When rules get changed this will also be announced and be sure to check the rules daily in case of it being changed when forgotten to announce.
Just be sure when you have an alt that is muted or banned to not hop on another alt and avoid your punishment then.
Doing so will most likley result in a punishment that doubles the previous'.

May I abuse a bug and then report it?
The answer to this question is, yes. The reason why we would like you to do that is to help our server out. The chances of finding a bug is very minimal since it's already up for months and the developers have been checking everything alongside with the players. The only thing we ask from you is to actually report it and not abusing it a couple of times and then report it as we'll see this inmediately and punish you for that. Report this bug in the Bug / Glitch reports section.

Am I able to change my name on the forums?
You surely can request a name change on our forums. You can't do this yourself and the reason why is because first of all. We can't look every day in all names and see what's appropriate or not. If people request this with the proof of them actually owning the account there will be a better sight of everything.

I bought something on the store but didn't get it?
The chances that this problem may occurr is very little, but there still is. When this happens you'll need to make a purchase support thread so the Administration team can look for funding you your items in the fast way they can. Note that when you buy something you'll need to enter an e-mail adress. In the inbox of thi e-mail adress you'll get the recipe of your product you've purchased. Never delete this recipe or else you won't be able to prove that you have actually bought this item. Trying to waste staff's time with making up fake threads will also lead to a punishment.

If you feel that there should be more questions in it please message me on Discord, Forums or In-Game and I'll look what I can do.
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