Changelog: January 4th, 2020

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Mar 9, 2018
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Astronus_Header_1098_493.png SkyBlock
  • Added both Sky-block Versions 1.8 & 1.15
    • 1.8 will be an old Meta style of Skyblock, whereas 1.15 will be a more customized Skyblock experience with all the new Minecraft 1.15 features
    • Each Skyblock will run from a different Skyblock plugin. 1.15 Skyblock can be expected to included more features that was not recently possible on 1.8
SkyBlock 1.15
  • Chat
    • Added hover over placeholder for Island top position
    • Added hover over placeholder for island bank amount
    • Updated placeholders on the hover over
  • Islands
    • Added stackers for Iron, Gold, Emerald, Diamond Blocks
      • To utilise these simple place the block you want to stack and right click the block.
        • To retrieve the stacked block, simple crouch mine to recover the whole stack (This will get messy if you have a large number) or simple ming them standing up to get back one at a time.
        • Expect to see extra island upgrades during this version of Skyblock
    • Island banks have been added
    • Further permissions for island settings have been added, including to set group permissions such as Member, Co Owner, Owner.
    • Checking who is banned on your island is now displayed via a GUI in the /is menu
    • For every block placed on your island your island level should automatically update on the scoreboard
  • Spawn
    • Added Lecterns to resemble a new style of crates
    • Corrected some wrongly placed blocks at spawn
    • Removed some unneeded barrier blocks
    • Recolored the Holographic displays in some areas of spawn
    • Adjusted an area of the spawn near the public grinders to give it more symmetry
    • Added more lighting to spawn
    • Added Leaderboards
      • Baltop
      • Island Top
  • PvP
    • Made some slight adjustments once again to the PvP map.
  • Feather-board
    • Updated the feather-board with the newer placeholders
    • Changed "Money" to "Balance"
    • Changed the Dark Red color to a more eye friendly Cyan Blue
    • Added an "Astro coins" section for a feature coming soon.
  • Spawners
    • Added the ability that when spawners are mined they go directly into your inventory
    • Added the ability that crouch mining a Spawner will destroy the whole stack, compared to a single Spawner if you were not crouching
    • Added the max Spawner stack limit to 25
  • Shop
    • Added more variations of color blocks in the colors section of the /shop gui
    • Added more variations of blocks in the blocks section of the /shop gui
    • Updated all shop item ID's to the newer 1.15 Item ID's
    • Changed the "Back and "Forth" buttons on the /shop gui
    • Fixed issue with selling the second,third and fourth pages of items in the colored blocks section of the /shop gui
    • Replaced bonemeal, cocoa beans & ink sac to their corresponding dyes in the colors shop.
  • Boss Arena
    • Implemented a brand new boss Arena in preparation for the release of bosses
    • Added /warp boss
  • Other
    • Updated the Item & Mob stacking plugins as they were incompatible with the 1.15 version of the server
All changes listed here should now be LIVE on the network. If you have any suggestions feel free to make a suggestion HERE, likewise if you come across any bugs please fill out a bug report HERE
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