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Mar 7, 2018
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Astronus Approved Modifications

The following listed modifications, which can be installed in, directly or indirectly, in your client, are not prohibited on the Astronus Network. If a player fails to act in accordance with this list, they will be punished by the staff team on Astronus network. These guidelines are set to make sure that everyone, on the network, plays fairly and have an equal chance in the game.

Please, bare in mind that even if you believe that the modification you are using is not harmful, you are still able to be punished. The administration of the Astronus Network is in charge of the decisions taken regarding modifications that are allowed on each and every server. Do not hesitate to contact any personnel on the servers if you are wondering if a modification that you are using is allowed. Any action(s) taken against you, in the case of a prohibited modification, is appealable; meaning that if you feel that the modification that you were using would not harm anyone, you will have a chance to get your punishment removed.

Are "mod loaders" allowed?
To answer your question, yes they are! Most modifications are written to be compatible with a certain type of "mod loaders", which makes it easier to add modifications to your client. The most popular one, that you can find right now, is Forge (also known as FML, Forge Mod Loader). You are allowed to use it to load modifications, absolutely. You can also use something like Liteloader which basically has the same features, but is not compatible with as many modifications as Forge, or you could use both. If you have a Mod Loader that you are using, please contact staff to ask them if you are allowed to use them, and it will be added to this listed. Note that if you use prohibited modifications in your loader, you will still be punished, we have a zero-tolerance for hiding cheats.

Currently Allowed: Forge; Liteloader; Risugami ModLoader.

What modifications are allowed on the server?
All modifications are divided into categories based on its features. If a modification is placed in one of these categories, they are allowed on the server, but remember that some modifications have more features than described, so they are limited to the categories' description.

  • Appearance improvement:
    If you would like to make your visuals of Minecraft to look a bit more realistic, brighter or better looking in general, then there are a massive amount of modifications that you can find that do this. You could use Shaders, which is a huge modification that used to make Minecraft look realistic, implementing shadows, for example. The main goal of these modifications is to improve the texture and view of Minecraft.
    You could also download something like Gammabright, which allows you to toggle your brightness in the game. This can be done without a modification, by changing the settings file in your .minecraft folder; would need you to relaunch your game, however.
Currently Allowed: Shaders; Gammabright; Fullbright Mod; Sonic Ether's Unbelievable Shaders; Sildur's Shaders; LabyMod; Orange's 1.7 Animations.

  • Status head-up display (HUD):
    Having a head-up display as a modification is very beneficial, it allows you to view your status without having to do click anything. Such as StatusEffectHUD, which grants you the ability to see how much longer you will have a potion effect. These modifications are very popular in PvP and are also used by a huge majority of the players if you plan on going into the warzone on Astronus, we would recommend you to use these types of modifications.
    Please, note that having a lot of these modifications could worsen your client performance while using them, minimize the use of these modifications if your computer is not able to handle it.
Currently Allowed: bspkrs' StatusEffectHUD, DirectionHUD, ArmorStatusHUD; Keystroke; Reach, CPS, and FPS Display Mod; Keystrokes; InGame Info XML; 5zig Mod; Batty's Coordinates; LabyMod.

  • Optimization of performance:
    Modifications that optimize and improve your Minecraft clients' performance are completely allowed. Most notably, that almost every Minecraft player knows about is Optifine, which alters the algorithm functions in your client. Giving you the chance to modify more advanced settings in your client. These modifications are known to improve your frames per second (FPS), in-game, and grants the player a better gaming experience.

  Currently allowed: Optifine; BetterFPS.

  • Minimaps:
    A huge amount of players in Minecraft tend to use Minimaps for one purpose, to be able to see the area they are in from a better view. Other players may use it for PvP/PvE purposes, to track entities in the area and hunt them down. The minimaps are allowed on the server, but having entities enabled is forbidden. Make sure that the entities are disabled on your minimap, and after that, you are free to use it to maybe plan out a structure, see your island on a map and much more!

  Currently Allowed: Rei's Minimap; Zan's Minimap; Xaero's Minimap; VoxelMap.

  • Sprint & sneak toggle:
    Sprinting and sneaking can be annoying, due to the reason that you have to hold in the key as long as you want to stay in that state (sprinting/sneaking), therefore you will be allowed to use a modification that toggles it make your life a hundred times easier.
Currently Allowed: Better Sprinting Mod; ToggleSneak; SimpleSprint; LabyMod, Zebra's ToggleSneak & Sprint.
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