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Astronus_Header_1098_493.png A warm welcome back from the Astronus Staff Team

Firstly I'd like to welcome back all old and new members to the server. It's been a rough time since we first released Astronus and have opened and closed the server multiple times due to personal commitments in our OFF-Game lives which prevents us from continuing development, however with personal commitments out of the way it is safe to say we have begun working on the Server once again!

After reading over comments from the community the previous time around, and also the suggestions which were here on the forums we have decided upon releasing two versions of SkyBlock.
  1. A 1.8 version of a SkyBlock experience.
  2. A 1.15 version of a SkyBlock experience
This was mainly down to us wanting more support and additional content features that we couldn't add onto the 1.8 version. Removing the old version of Astronus was not an option for us, which is why for the old school type SkyBlock players we have decided to keep it.

We'd like to thank those who played on the old 1.8 version and helped us squash the bugs and implement some much needed changes.

Release Information

SkyBlock 1.8​
  • As of now we are planning to release this by the start of February. The current setup we had is playable, however after playing it for a few days and looking over everything it needed to be "freshened" up.
Skyblock 1.15​
  • Currently we do not have an ETA date for this version of SkyBlock that we wish to release. There are many things in which we have to update and change to support the newer version of minecraft. if anybody has any suggestions in which they would like to see, please feel free to suggest them via our suggestions category.
Other Game Modes

Whilst we would like to add other game modes to the server, right now we feel it wouldn't be the best thing to do in terms of the server health. Once we get both SkyBlock realms stable, we can consider other additions to the server such as Survival, Prison, KitPvP & Creative.

*Disclaimer* Please do not suggest to us adding in additional Gamemodes at this time. All suggestions relating to that will be ignored, and automatically closed.

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