Spring Cleaning Update

March 17th, 2018
~ Spring Cleaning Update ~

|| Preface

Hello everyone! We've been hard at work behind the scenes updating our community systems to prepare for some incredible content getting ready to come your way. While we don't have actual content ready for you today, we do have quite a few exciting changes that have taken place this week. I'm sure you've already noticed a few of the changes already.

|| Guidelines

One of the biggest changes to our community's function was the revamp of ALL of our rules/guidelines (Discord, Server, and Forums). We have organized all of the server rules into 2 different types, and 4 different classes in order to make it easier for users to familiarize themselves with our rules. You can view a full description of the new system and the new rules HERE.

In addition to the revamp of the guidelines threads, there are also several new server and forum rules. Due to the large amount of new forum rules, we won't be going into detail on the new rules here. Instead you can view them HERE. As for the new server rules, they can also be found HERE. We would like to address one new rule in particular with the community. Recently I decided to reinvent, and re-enforce the Light Advertising rule. Light Advertising is mentioning ANY other server unrelated to Astronus. Yes, as some of you are aware... This does include PrimeMC. Our Staff team has been asked to verbally warn for the first offense, before actually using the warn system on the second offense. This grace period will last for one month. We thank you for complying to this rule. :)

Lastly, we have also added several Dutch translations, with more to come this week. They can be found HERE.

|| Forum Moderation

I completely overhauled the Forum Moderation system to accommodate our new forum rules. Moderators may now select pre customized offenses that will automatically carry out warning points/punishments. It’s a small but much needed update.

|| Staff Recruitment

One of our most anticipated changes was to our Staff Recruitment process. To start off, you can view the Applying for Staff thread HERE. We kept the original application and interview phase, but also added in a training phase. Once a user gets passed the interview stage, they are basically a part of the team and require training. Until they have officially completed our rigorous training that is currently in development, they aren't able to be announced as an official member of our team. This is in an effort to protect our community from false punishments from staff who haven't been trained.

We've also done away with the actual application form. Why? Because we want to see your creativity as an applicant. There can be even more to take in from an applicant than just their words. We are looking for our applicants to show us who they are as a person, and how dedicated they are. Besides, reading plain applications is boring.

Replacing the application form is an official format, which is required. You will find that this application is more detailed, allowing us to fully analyze the applicant, and determine if they are suited for our team.

Lastly, we've heard your requests, and now you only are required to have 25 forum posts to apply!

|| Miscellaneous Changes
  • Added VPN Blocker to the server.
  • Added Discord information to spawn hologram.
  • Revamped Discord structure
  • Added donator lounges to Discord
  • Disabled unused/useless forum reactions.

|| Postface

Thank you for welcoming me to my new position as Manager! I’m very excited to continue updating our behind the scenes systems. We have some very exciting content and changes getting ready to come in the coming weeks. Also, thank you for your patience! We’re excited to show you what we’ve got!

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